Was like a little piece of her

His buy instagram followers jaw, his eyes as hard and barren as the desert. A lump formed in buy instagram followers my throat and I swallowed hard. Why's she here? a shrill voice interrupted him. Emily appeared behind him and draped yahoo herself on Chai's arm and eyed me with such open hatred that I gasped. She was barefoot and wore the shortest pair of shorts I had ever seen and a tiny tank top left her midriff bare. I watched the intimate way her hand strolled over his chest. She's leaving, Chai said and avoided my eyes. His hand moved around her waist and rested on her hip. Nasty reality dawned on me. He had been back a whole day and he didn't come looking for me - instead he buy instagram followers made plans with Emily; the same Emily that was my best friend, the same girl that hated me and tried to make my life a living hell since I got here. I was the biggest fool on the face of the earth. Why don't you go and play with the other kids and leave us grown-ups alone, she said, instagram her voice dripping with venom. Lexie, please go, Chai added. My eyes blurred with unshed buy instagram followers tears and I couldn't look at them anymore. I left them standing there. Emily's laughter followed me down the corridor, while tears streamed down my face. I GROANED AS I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I hadn't slept at all last night and dark bruises were beneath my eyes. I could hear Emily's high pitched laugh till the early morning hours. The wall between our rooms was too thin to mask the noises from next door. He treated me like I was nothing to him. He kissed me and held me. Apparently it meant nothing to him. It was all a lie. How could I have been so stupid? I thought he cared about me and now it was obvious he didn't. And Emily – she was my best instagram friend. Was she so angry at me that she used the one thing that could hurt me the most and shoved it into my face? Sometime during the night I became angry. No, I was furious with myself and him. I was angry at the Vandelrizi and my father. I was angry at all the times I had felt helpless and weak. The Vandelrizi had taken away all control we had over our lives and I was tired of living like this. I was tired of being pushed around. I determinedly pressed my lips together. I would never allow anyone to hurt me again. I stormed to Arianna's room and knocked on the door. She opened the door and her eyes narrowed when she saw me. You look like hell, she said and ushered me inside. She looked disapprovingly at my uncombed hair that I had shoved absentmindedly into a messy ponytail on my head. She pulled the elastic band from my hair and made me sit on a chair. She produced a brush and started untangling my long hair. I winced as she pulled the knots from the strands. Did Chai keep you up all night? she asked with a chuckle and I cringed. No, he had other plans. Her hands stilled in my hair and she frowned at me in the mirror on the table in front of us. She started to braid my hair. I didn't come buy instagram followers here to talk about Chai. I wanted to ask you a favor. What can I do for you? Can you train me? Arianna wrinkled her nose as she pinned the intricate